We offer a comprehensive service in all aspects of air conditioning which include design, supply, installation and maintenance of both air-cooled and chilled water air conditioning plants, evaporative cooling, ventilation and humidification systems.

Service / Planned Maintenance

Our Service Department provides a repair and maintenance service for of all makes of air conditioners.

Service is carried out by trained crews to ensure that your air conditioning operates at optimal efficiency thus ensuring lower energy costs and longer equipment life.

A 24-hour emergency service is available for computer rooms and other essential installations.

Why Planned Maintenance?

  • In both the heating and cooling mode, air conditioners process large volumes of air which is drawn into the unit through a filter which traps dirt particles. If a filter is not cleaned regularly, dirt build up causes a restriction of air flow through the coils or heater elements. This reduces the performance of the air conditioner and added strain is placed on fan motors and compressors which can result in burn out.
  • The compressor fitted in your air conditioner has a design life of 60 000 hours and is the single most expensive component. To replace a burnt out compressor can cost up to 70% of the price of a new air conditioner.
  • Fan motors are costly to replace and blocked filters can cause burn out in a matter of months.
  • A restricted air flow over electric heater elements can cause overheating resulting in fuse links melting and a costly service call to replace these.
  • The purchaser is responsible for ensuring that filters are cleaned at regular intervals. The frequency of this depends on the cleanliness of the air in the environment. In some areas, fortnightly filter cleaning is recommended whereas in others, monthly or 3 monthly cleaning will suffice.
  • To prolong life and avoid costly breakdown calls, your air conditioner should be inspected and serviced by a factory trained technician at least once a year.

Plant Maintenance

This division specialises in the maintenance and repair of large chilled water and air cooled central airconditioning plants. Plant surveys are done from which a report on the condition of the plant is compiled and a maintenance plan recommended.

Plant maintenance technicians undergo intensive training and attend specialist courses to update them with the latest technical developments in air conditioning.

The correct and regular maintenance of a central airconditioning plant is necessary to prevent a “sick building syndrome”.
A well designed and maintained system provides clean filtered air throughout the building – at the right temperature and volume with the right mix of fresh air.

The right comfort conditions are essential for a good working environment – less staff absenteeism and high productivity. There is an extra pay back in lower plant operating costs, longer plant life and reduced energy consumption.

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